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Why are puff bars getting banned?

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Lawmakers Say Puff Bar Used Pandemic to Market to TeensJun 2, 2020 — House lawmakers asked the Food and Drug Administration this week to ban Puff Bar, the fast-growing e-cigarette that has quickly replaced Juul 

Puff Bars Disposable Vapes Exploit US Flavor-Ban LoopholeFeb 20, 2020 — Puff Bars were embraced by minors thanks to a gap in the U.S. flavor ban ability to review any e-cigarette that may get in the hands of minorsFDA Notifies Companies, Including Puff Bar, to RemoveJul 20, 2020 — FDA issued warning letters notifying ten companies, including Cool Clouds Distribution Inc. (doing business as Puff Bar), to remove their 

FDA bans sale of Puff Bar e-cigarettes | American PharmacistsJul 21, 2020 — Get the latest pharmacy news in your inbox. Email Address. right arrow. Already a 

What we know and don't know about Puff Bar right nowAug 19, 2020 — As Puff Bar's popularity grew, so did the many questions and Guava), but is not subject to a partial ban on flavored e-cigarettes because it is a So Much for the Loophole: FDA Orders Puff Bar Off the MarketJul 20, 2020 — The best-known U.S. distributor of disposable vape Puff Bar has pass to Puff Bar and similar products, and his claim that only a federal ban As it turned out, the FDA warning letter to Puff Bar is based on the products being 

Puff Bar ban incoming? : Puffbar - RedditI live in Los Angeles and I was wondering if Puff Bar is gonna be banned locally. Aren't you guys scared of getting metal or who knows what into your lungs?FDA calls for removal of Puff Bars, a type of fruity, disposableJul 20, 2020 — Ban on some flavored e-cigarettes kicks in. Feb. 5, 202001:52

Controversial E-Cigarette Company Puff Bar Says It'sJul 15, 2020 — Puff Bar, which has reaped millions of dollars by exploiting a loophole to sell Financial Officer Patrick Beltran confirmed that U.S. sales were being halted demanded that the FDA ban sales of Puff Bar products because the FDA cracks down on e-cigarette companies | The Garden IslandAug 3, 2020 — Saiki said Puff Bar and similar companies fully took advantage of that was poised to ban flavored e-cigarettes and impose mandatory education and in no way should be vaping or getting addicted to that kind of product

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